Corporate Video Production On The JMaverick Studios Website

JMaverick Studios Los Angeles

Did you know that putting lots of good quality video content on your website can help to improve your business’s ranking on SERP (search engine results pages)? That right, Google, and other major search engine operators, like Yahoo and Bing, give a lot of weight to high-quality video content in their ranking algorithms. Just adding one of two videos to your website can enable you to outrank competitors that have no video content on their websites.

In addition to improving your website’s SERP rankings for various lucrative keywords, making your website video content rich can help to improve engagement and conversion rates. This is because the majority of people find it much easier to watch content, like that produced by the people at, than to read it. There are dozens of studies that show humans are more likely to retain visual content than written content. So, if you want to get information out to your existing customer base and potential customers, videos are a great format to use.

Perhaps one of the best things about video content is that it lends itself to sharing on social media platforms. Indeed, it is now very easy to share embedded video content on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. And, if you want organic engagement, having your content shared on social media platforms should be one of your key online marketing aims this year.

Unfortunately, producing high-quality videos can be time-consuming and costly. You need to spend a lot of time coming up with ideas, writing scripts, organizing location settings and/or setting up green screens. In addition, if you are planning to shoot the videos yourself, you need good quality cameras, microphones and skilled operators and directors. Post-production can also be a costly endeavor, as it requires professional video editing software and high-end graphics cards. That said, if your company is just looking to produce some simple text animation videos, you may not have to spend very much money at all.

On a final note, if your business is currently looking to outsource video production to a professional service provider, you might want to check out the JMaverick Studios website. On the website, you can learn more about the professional corporate video production services the company provides, as well as request a quote for your project. You can also see examples of the work the company has produced for previous happy clients.