Renting a Good Car for Getting around Mallorca

Do you have any plans to go on holiday to Mallorca? Well, it will be not too much to say that Mallorca is one of the popular places for a holiday. It provides such beautiful scenery and sunny beaches that can be visited during summer. If you have any plan for getting around Mallorca, you can ride a car from the car rental. It will help you to go to the places that you wanted freely. There are several car rentals that can be chosen by the tourist. However, if you want to rent a car for Mallorca, you may need to compare the prices and the advantages of each car rentals so that you can choose the best car rentals.

Rent a car from Goldcar Mietwagen auf Mallorca

There are several car rentals that can be chosen by the tourist. One of them is Goldcar Mietwagen auf Mallorca. You can contact this rent car dealer by reserving online. This car rental provides several packages with several prices that can be chosen by the tourist. For example, the CRAZY SMART TARIF provides the package for renting Smart for Four, Kia Picanto, and Fiat Panda for about EUR 0.95 per day and EUR 7.50 per week. Meanwhile, the PACKAGE KEY’N GO Package provides the price of about EUR 204.00 per week. This car rental is a big company with more than 1000 employees and 60.000 vehicles. It has opened 115 branches in 17 countries so far. You can find the station of the Goldcar Mietwagen auf Mallorca in two stations which are Palma de Mallorca Airport (shuttle to the station) and Palma City. You can choose the closest station from your dormitory. This car rental company provides several classes of the car such as very cheap, compact class, family vehicles, automatic, VANS, and SUV.  What you need to is adjusting the needs and the class of the car. For the low budget, you can choose a very cheap class. However, if you go with your family, you may need to rent the family vehicles class. Well, before making a reservation to the rental car, you need to read and understand the term and condition of this rental car so that there will be no problem in the future.

Understanding the refueling regulation

Well, in renting a car, you may need to consider several things such as the regulation. One of the important regulations in the refueling regulation. Basically, it can be divided into three types that are full-full, full-empty, and the tank filled regulations. Some of the rental cars use full-full regulation. It means that the staff will give you a full tank before the trip, and you need to give it back in the full tank condition. Meanwhile, the full-empty means that the staff will ask you to pay for fulfilling the fuel tank. And you give it back in the empty condition. Meanwhile, the tank filled regulation means that the staff will include the fuel tank cost in the renting prices.